Student volunteers key to Research Chairs Awareness Campaign success

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Monday, April 23, 2012

On Monday, April 16, Riyadh Governor HRH Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz presided over the opening of King Saud University’s four-day Research Chairs Awareness Campaign, which ran 6 PM - 10 PM daily at some of Riyadh's busiest shopping malls, which included:

  • King Saud UniversityThe Riyadh Gallery on King Fahd Road;
  • The Panorama Mall on Takhassusi Street;
  • The Al-Othaim Mall on the Eastern Ring Road;
  • The Granada Centre on the corner of the Eastern and Northern Ring Roads; and
  • The Hayat Mall on King Abdulaziz Road.

Driven by some 450 male and female student volunteers from various KSU colleges, the campaign strove to make the Riyadh community aware of the many KSU Research Chairs and their missions. The ambitious awareness campaign was also an opportunity for students to show their teamwork and public service spirit; bolster their sense of place in the Kingdom and at the University; and acquire social service, organizational and campaign management skills.

Student  Abdullah Al-Baddah, who headed the campaign's organizing committee, expressed his enthusiasm for the campaign.

King Saud University

“We, as KSTU students, feel an enormous amount of responsibility to our society and we have shaped this campaign to send a clear message to all members of our community,” he said. “Our first aim is to pay our dues to society and to illustrate KSU's strong commitment to its community.

Al-Baddah said the campaign demonstrated the relevance of the research chairs to their national and local communities. He closed by thanking the many individuals who helped make the campaign a success and praising the KSU leadership for providing its students with the opportunity to serve their community.

Mariam Al-Ibrahim, team leader for the female students, reiterated that through this campaign the Research Chairs Program is aiming  to strengthen the societal partnership of the University, which is why the campaign was carried out in five malls in Riyadh with the participation of 25 research chairs. She said the student volunteers’ role mainly focused on introducing the public to the chairs’ achievements and main research activities, as well as using the chairs’ scientific knowledge to give advice and guidance and to answer the public‘s questions.

King Saud University

She said the reception of the campaign by the public was exceedingly positive on its first day, attracting individuals from all age groups.

Rawan Melibary, a member of the organizing committee, said that since her first few years years in the College of Medicine, she was keen on consolidating the concept of scientific research and invigorating research activities among her colleagues. She added that the campaign, a few months before her graduation, proved better than all her expectations. The campaign, she pointed out, allowed her to carry her message in support of science directly to the public, and she was delighted that KSU’s leadership and academic and scientific faculty all backed the campaign. “As KSU students,” she said, “we owe it to serve our community!”

The 25 research chairs, representing various medical, scientific and other specialties, were assigned to malls as follows:

Riyadh Gallery:

  • King Abdullah Chair for Hisba and its Contemporary Applications
  • Prince Naif Chair for Intellectual Security
  • Al Zamil Group Chair for Electricity and Water Conservation
  • Saudi Geological Survey Research Chair
  • Research Chair of the Holy Quran and its Sciences and Tafsir
  • Chair of Date Palm Research (CDPR)

Panorama Mall:

  • Prince Sultan Research Chair of Hearing Disabilities and Implantable Devices
  • Princess Nora Bint Abdullah Women's Health Research Chair
  • Sheikh Al-Amoudi Autism Research Chair
  • Childhood and Adolescent Obesity Research Chair
  • Holy Quran Teaching and Reading Chair
  • Breast Cancer Research Chair
  • Asthma Research Chair

Al-Othaim Mall:

  • Prince Salman Bin Abdulaziz Chair for Arabian Peninsula History and Civilization Studies
  • Prince Sattam bin Abdul-Aziz Research Chair for Epidemiology and Public Health
  • Prince Mutaib bin Abdullah Chair for Biomarkers Research on Osteoporosis
  • Medication Safety Research Chair
  • Psoriasis Research Chair

Granada Centre:

  • Dr. Nasser Al-Rashid Chair of Ophthalmology
  • Tumor Research Chair
  • Rhinology and Skull Base Research Chair
  • Psychological Health Research and Applications Chair

Hayat Mall:

  • Research Chair of Voice and Swallowing Disorders (RCVASD)
  • Vitiligo Research Chair
  • Scoliosis Research Chair

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