KSU inaugurates Holy Quran Teaching and Reading Chair

Thursday, March 1, 2012

King Saud UniversityOn Saturday morning, King Saud University officially inaugurated the Holy Quran Teaching and Reading Chair.

Witnessing the event were Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, the imam and khateeb of the Grand Mosque in Makkah,

Other administration members welcoming the prominent imam were Dr. Mohammad Fawzan Al-Omar, supervisor of the Chair; KSU Rector Abdullah Al-Othman; Dr. Ali Al-Ghamdi, KSU Vice Rector for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research; and Dr. Mohammad Wadaan, Assistant Vice Rector for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research (Research Chair Program).

After the inauguration contract was signed, Sheikh Al-Sudais congratulated those responsible for the project and for establishing the Chair, saying, “KSU has enriched the community with an unending string of initiatives serving knowledge in all its disciplines, but this new Chair is a significant step in services devoted to the Holy Quran and spreading its blessings to all of humanity. The Chair is distinguished in how it champions scientific research to address all aspects of Holy Quran teaching and reading.

King Saud University“Establishing this chair is a noble deed and a quality initiative that serves the word of God. Our country is the country of the Two Holy Mosques and has existed and thrived to serve the Holy Quran, which is the basis of the Kingdom's rule. No doubt, national efforts to serve the Two Holy Mosques and the extraordinary efforts of the King Fahd Complex for the Printing of the Holy Quran, which prints about 10 million copies a year, have succeeded with God’s help.”

Sheikh Al-Sudais pledged to work closely with Chair supervisor Al-Omar and all of his personnel, noting that this new KSU chair has many ambitious programs planned, especially ones providing imams with valuable services and resources. He said that meetings with Holy Quran teaching associations will be planned and announced, and that Rector Al-Othman has pledged his unconditional support for the Holy Quran Teaching and Reading Chair.

“I am so pleased with the unexpected support from KSU's Awqaf (Endowment Plan) and from businessmen who played an instrumental role in supporting the Chair’s programs, especially Sheik Mohammed Al-Amoudi who is funding this chair and calling for further investment to support the teaching of the Holy Quran.”

Mohammed Al-Amoudi, SheikhRector Al-Othman then voiced his enthusiasm for the Chair, thanking Sheikh Al-Sudais for his ongoing cooperation with KSU and for accepting to serve as the Chair’s adviser; he also thanked Al-Amoudi for his generous financial support, not only for this new chair, but for several KSU chairs in medicine, petroleum, gas and water.

The Rector said that the inauguration of the Holy Quran Teaching and Reading Chair fulfills KSU goals of maintaining leadership in scientific and societal research and development, playing a key role in developing Quran studies and supporting its scientific orientation.

He concluded by saying that the KSU Research Chairs Program has set a number of objectives, including the cultivation and expansion of Islamic and Arab studies. He also expressed optimism about the Chair’s success, which serves the noblest of sciences for every Muslim.

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