Date palm cultivation is focus of 35th Scientific Meeting of the Saudi Society for Agricultural Sciences

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Monday, February 20, 2012

The 35th Scientific Meeting of the Saudi Society for Agricultural Sciences, entitled The effects of the expansion of date palm cultivation, took place on February 14, under the auspices of Dr. Hassan A. Al-Kahtani, Dean of the College of Food and Agriculture Sciences.

The meeting included the following themes:

  • Constraints of Saudi date palm cultivation and date production;
  • Expansion of  date palm cultivation in KSA: pros and cons;
  • A transforming date fruit industry: promising opportunities;
  • Reflecting upon industry expansion: date cultivation, industry and products;
  • An economic study for the marketing of a variety of dates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia;
  • Future systems for producing and marketing dates in the Kingdom.

King Saud University

The date palm is an extremely important fruit crop in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. According to a study by King Faisal University’s Abdulaziz Al-Shuaibi, there are more than 15 million date palm trees in the Kingdom, which produce dates valued at $2.12 billion.

With this data in mind, it is clear that the 35th Scientific Meeting, sponsored by the Chair for Date Palm Research (CDPR), was an important opportunity for experts in this field to share their knowledge and insight in order to ensure the economic viability of one of Saudi Arabia's most important industries.

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