Rector Al-Othman sponsors output-based education workshop

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Local and international experts on output-based education shared their experiences at a workshop May 3-4 at King Saud University.

The workshop was sponsored by KSU Rector Dr. Abdullah Al-Othman, and organized by Dr. Abdullah Al-Salman, Vice Rector of Educational and Academic Affairs, in collaboration with Dr. Hamad Al-Sheikh, Vice Rector of Quality and Development.

According to Dr. Al-Salman, the workshop was presented to make educators aware of the need to increase the focus on the learner and the importance of making them more productive in the educational process rather than being merely a receiver of information.

In an education based on outputs program, the curriculum and assessments reflect achievement and accumulated knowledge rather than credit hours and is seen as a more effective learning tool for the students once they leave the classroom.

The workshop focused on three themes:

  • Philosophy and the definition of education based on output
  • Output-based education and study plans
  • Output-based learning outcomes, and teaching and learning

The following steps are key to the process:

  • Compare the content knowledge attained with that learned in a traditional academic program as it pertains to all levels of education and careers.
  • Ascertain that the evaluation method is appropriate.
  • Allow faculty members to assess the effectiveness of teaching. Is the achievement of outputs what is intended?
  • Facilitate the transition from teaching to learning by focusing on the learner, i.e., what is expected of the learner to be able to do.
  • Inform the students what is expected and how they will be evaluated
  • Give the students the opportunity to assume greater responsibility in the process of self-learning.

Workshop participants included experts from across Saudi Arabia as well as Britain, Malaysia and Bahrain.