KSU Rector Inaugurates "The Beating Heart Conference"

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Rector of King Saud University, Professor,  Dr. Abdullah Al-Othman has affirmed that "the King Fahd Centre for heart diseases and surgery must be a qualitative centre in all its sense of the world and said “we,  do not want to be a copy of the others, as all potentials are available for the University today and there is no educational institution at the worldwide level which receives support at the political leadership level similar to the one enjoyed by the King Saud University. In a statement, after the inaugurating this morning the activities of the first beating heart conference, Dr. Al-Othman said “the King Saud University is the true thermometer of the development of the country”.

He said the university will have a bright side if it continues in the development partnership, stressing that the university is eligible today to occupy an advanced place in any classification. He described these classifications as a performance indicator, and not an objective in itself. In his answers to media, he also affirmed that the university intends to expand the Faculty of Medicine in a number of provinces of Riyadh region. He said that the university submitted a proposal for opening of two branches of the Faculty of Medicine in two provinces of Riyadh region. The Rector of King Saud University said all the new colleges to be opened would be in accordance with the need of labour market. The ceremony began with a speech delivered by the Dean of the College of Medicine, Dr. Mussaad Al-Salman in which he said "the King Saud University, represented by the King Fahd Centre for Heart Diseases and Surgery, hosts the activities of the first Beating Heart conference, in the presence of a selected group of heart surgeons from all over the world and we are proud that the conference organized by the King Fahd Center for Heart Diseases and Surgery was the first one at the Middle East level.

He added, "We are very much happy that the Centre hosts such scientific events, which will lead to transfer of experience and exchange of scientific views, and knowledge of the latest research and therapeutic developments in this important specialization". He said those who follow up the march of the university and specifically its scientific medical activity will observe the distinguished leaps at the research, scientific, therapeutic, or technical levels, and this underlines the extent of support that it finds at all levels. "The outcome of that is this international scientific gathering of specialists in heart diseases and surgery, a matter which reflects the level at which we are proud to reach and also confirms the position of Saudi physicians and the Saudi medical and scientific sector and the extent of development it has reached as well as the extent of the excellence it has achieved", he noted. The King Fahd Centre for Heart Diseases and Surgery at King Saud University is one of the international centres in this discipline, thanks to its male and female physicians and specialists and to its surgical achievements and the signing of several agreements; the most prominent ones are probably a joint cooperation agreement between the King Saud University and Professor Magdi Yaqoub's Institute for Heart Diseases and Surgery, and other accomplishments that time does not suffice to mention them now.

Dr. Mohammed Fouda, the Director of King Fahd Centre for Heart Diseases and Surgery also delivered an address in which he said "I greet all of you here today at the Faculty of Medicine of the King Saud University, and on behalf of all employees of King Fahd Centre for Heart Diseases and Surgery, I thank you for attending the Third Annual Conference of the Centre, which was held this year under the title of the beating heart. He said “the message of this centre, since its establishment until today, has been to distinguish it with its proper natural position as the first academic cardiac centre at the Kingdom's level and with the achievements that qualify it to deserve this privilege. For heart centres in the Kingdom, but rather in Riyadh alone, have been for a long period treating large numbers of heart patients with the latest medical and surgical treatment equipment and therefore, the task undertaken by this centre has not and will never be simple”. “That academic excellence in the cardiac centre has been and will remain depending first of all on the number of cases and the type and results of the medical surgical involvements and then on conducting of advanced medical research and the statistics concerned with the study of heart diseases in the Kingdom”, he went to say.

He said that the support received by the Centre from the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques by his kind approval of the establishment of a separate building for the centre equipped with the state-of –the-art technology in the cardiac treatment and surgery had the utmost impression on all workers of the centre who are waiting eagerly today for the completion of the implementation of the new Centre to discharge their responsibility to prove to the kind leadership that their demands for the establishment of this huge edifice was justified in order to make the King Fahd Centre for Heart Diseases and Surgery occupy its rightful position which qualifies it to undertake its responsibilities as both academic and medical centre. Then all the attendants watched a documentary film after which Dr. Al-Othman honoured some outstanding staff members of the Cardiac Section.

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